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Angostura Lemon Lime Bitters 6 Units / 355 ml

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Angostura Lemon Lime Bitters 6 Units / 355 ml is available to buy in increments of 1
Item number: 432693 Lemon, Lime, and Bitters soda drinks found fame on Australian golf courses. Since 2007, it has stood out on almost every shelf with a super-secret recipe that celebrates distinct bitter flavors and effervescent lemon and lime aromas, it is brimming with a tradition widely enjoyed by bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts around the world.Angostura brings you a lemon-lime soda, the only soda in the world that already contains aromatic bitters. It is alcohol free, gluten free, low sodium, caffeine free, kosher Y certified, made with pure cane sugar. This delicious soft drink combines a sweet citrus soda with the intricate flavor profiles of Angostura aromatic bitters, when paired with a liqueur of choice and a garnish, the bitters will fit each flavor profile to create a no-fuss craft cocktail. The perfect pairing of tastes, this drink can be simply poured over ice or mixed with almost any liqueur, it is bright and frothy with a unique blend of aromatic bitters, you will love its bubbles that complement all spirits without losing its vibrant and flavorful taste.
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